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Why You Get Ice Dams and How Can Prevent Them

Here Are The 3 Causes Of Ice Dams

Without proper insulation, excess heat rises from your home into the attic and then passes through the roof which causes snow to melt and drop down to the eves where it re-freezes. 
To best prevent ice dams we recommend insulating the attic EVENLY to an R-value of 49 to 60. 
Roofs MUST have ridge, gable and soffit vents to promote airflow. 
Despite having good insulation heat will naturally escape upward from your home. To prevent this heat from causing unwanted snow melt, your roof must be properly vented.
In other words, outside air must be able to easily flow beneath and through your roof. Such airflow helps to keep the roof temperature within acceptable means.
Even on a perfectly ventilated and insulated roof, ice dams may form as the result of temperatures that fluctuate back and forth across the freezing point. If the temperature climbs just above freezing during the day, some of the snow on your roof naturally softens and melts.
If you have noticed that snow and ice have begun to accumulate along your eaves, use a rake to carefully break up and hills or ridges that have formed. If you are noticing significant accumulation of snow we recommend having it professional shoveled off the roof. 
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