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Suprising things found in gutters

Surprising Things Found in Gutters

The top unexpected things our own CNY Roof Cleaners team has found in gutters this year. 

    • A credit card from 2012

    • A hot dog

    • A golden frog

1.Wildlife Lodgers:

Squirrels, birds, and even the occasional raccoon or opossum have been known to make their homes in gutters. Gutters, with their narrow passages and hidden corners, have become the perfect playgrounds for agile squirrels. These furry acrobats skillfully navigate the gutters, turning them into improvised treetop havens. The sight of a squirrel building a nest or leaping between gutter edges adds a touch of whimsy to the urban landscape, making us appreciate nature’s adaptability. Finding a cozy nest or a curious critter can be both surprising and comical.

2.Toys and Lost Items:

Children’s toys like action figures, balls, or frisbees have a knack for ending up in gutters. The journey of toys and lost items through gutters is not just a tale of mishaps but a celebration of resilience, rediscovery, and the enduring magic of childhood. It’s not uncommon to find forgotten treasures while cleaning. So, the next time you peer into your gutter, be ready to uncover not just leaves and debris but the timeless treasures of play and imagination.

3.Garden of Eden:

Seeds from nearby trees can sprout and grow in the gutters, creating a miniature garden of weeds and plants. Some of the plants that grow in the gutters might have unique adaptations due to their limited space and resources, creating a collection of miniature and intriguing flora. Rainwater becomes a precious resource for this miniature garden, sustaining the life within the gutters and contributing to the overall charm of this unexpected oasis. Some homeowners have even found small trees growing in their gutters.

4.Baseball Collection:

If you live near a baseball field, you might discover a collection of lost baseballs lodged in your gutters. An unexpected playground for celestial beings who engage in friendly games of baseball. Occasionally, a powerful hit sends a baseball soaring into the heavens, only to land in the gutters.It’s like hitting a home run in the gutter-cleaning game.

5.Lost Jewelry:

People have reported finding lost jewelry, such as rings and earrings, in their gutters. It’s a realm where the sparkle of diamonds and the gleam of gold hide in plain sight, waiting for an astute eye to recognize their presence. A curious category of unexpected finds, adds an element of surprise to the mundane act of peering into a gutter. It’s like a treasure hunt on your roof!

6.Pet Toys:

Gutters become unconventional hunting grounds for lost treasures—this time in the form of pet toys. Dogs and cats sometimes lose their toys on the roof, and those toys can end up in the gutters. Cleaning them out can be a reminder of your pets’ playful antics.

7.Peculiar Debris:

From underwear and socks to discarded food wrappers, gutters can accumulate some truly bizarre debris over time. It’s a mystery how some items find their way up there.

8.Message in a Bottle:

Though rare, there have been instances of finding bottles with messages inside in gutters. It’s a quirky way of sending a “roof report.

9.Sports Equipment:

Aside from baseballs, you might stumble upon golf balls, tennis balls, or even an old basketball or soccer ball while cleaning the gutters. Gutters unveil more than just balls—they cradle forgotten tennis rackets and golf clubs. In the gutters, where rainwater flows and leaves gather, the sports equipment becomes a reminder that the love for play knows no bounds.

10.Action Figures and Figurines:

Some homeowners have uncovered action figures or figurines, which can make for an unexpected mini-drama on your rooftop stage. The miniature odyssey in the gutter prompts contemplation on the ephemeral nature of childhood fantasies and the enduring resilience of imaginative play. The gutter becomes a stage, and each action figure or figurine is a player in the ongoing Gutter Chronicles. Whether accidentally dropped during play or caught in the crossfire of outdoor adventures.


While finding these unusual items can add a touch of humor to gutter cleaning, it’s essential to remember that maintaining clean gutters is crucial for preventing water damage and maintaining the integrity of your home. So, if you encounter any surprises while cleaning, enjoy a laugh, but don’t forget to complete the task at hand to keep your home in top shape.

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