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Spring Cleaning From The Top Down

Exterior Cleaning Services

House cleaning should always be completed top-to-bottom for the most effective results. So homeowners, take our six straightforward-stepped approach to achieve the best results for your home this Spring.

​After a long winter, emerge from your hibernation this Spring with a deep clean of your home’s exterior. Refresh and rejuvenate your Central New York home with CNY Roof Cleaning’s top-down spring cleaning method – for the best exterior spring cleaning results!

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1. Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Start your exterior Spring clean at the top of your home and avoid recleaning and landscaping your home’s exterior over and over again.
CNY Roof Cleaning are roof cleaning experts, and our methods involve minimal mess after cleaning, but roof cleaning is a messy job. It is impossible to avoid debris and dirt residue sullying some house exterior, windows, and garden beds. It makes good Spring cleaning sense to start from the top and clean downwards.
Winter weather can damage roofing materials, so Spring is the best time for a roof inspection. Hire CNY Roof Cleaning to inspect your home’s roof for:

  • damage,
  • deterioration,
  • moss, algae, and lichen growth
  • general maintenance
  • minor repairs

Let us take care of your roof’s cleaning and maintenance for a superior finish and look. Our low-pressure cleaning methods outperform other cleaning services for the refreshed finish. 

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2. Gutter Cleaning and Tree Trimming

Gutter cleaning is a messy chore, but it is integral to the overall effectiveness of your roofing systems effectiveness and rainwater protection. Don’t skip it this Spring cleaning!
Your gutters ensure rainwater is directed away from your home before it can cause many damp or water issues. CNY Roof Cleaning use effective gutter cleaning practices with a mixture of hand removal, scraping, and flushing out of dirt, leaves, and organic debris build-up out from your gutters. We are the experts in gutter cleaning, but it is a messy job! Get this chore completed at the beginning of your Spring cleaning to avoid possible water spills and washing away garden beds. 
Don’t just clean your gutters; protect your gutters. At CNY Roof Cleaning, we do tree trimming for all trees up to 10 feet away from the roof. Protect your gutters from falling leaves and seeds this Spring and keep them cleaner for longer.
We also do gutter system tune-ups on all our gutter cleaning jobs. Our CNY Roof Cleaning technicians give your guttering system the tune-up it needs to last another year in these Central New York conditions.
Our technicians reattach loose gutters, re-level gutters, tighten nails, and seal miters or end-caps. At CNY Roof Cleaners, we do our best to resolve minor gutter issues and repairs. If any repair falls outside our scope, we will notify you at inspection and have a referral process.
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3. Window and House Washing

Pressure wash your homes to thoroughly clean the exterior and be the envy of all your neighbors or prepare it for that fresh paint job.
When correctly applied, pressure washing cleans your house and windows of dirt, mold, mildew, and grime. CNY Roof cleaning’s professional house cleaning services ensure your home is pressure cleaned the right way with a low PSI pressure washer. We power wash to:

  • removes mold and mildew that damages your home and affects your family’s health.
  • Remove bird droppings that corrode and stain the exterior of your home
  • Remove grime, dirt, and unsightly stains for a fresh  
  • prepare your home’s surfaces for repainting

Hire the professionally-trained and fully-equipped team at CNY Roof Cleanings to avoid unnecessary problems when you pressure clean yourself.

  • Avoid water damage to your external and internal walls, floors, and attic spaces from water shot at high pressures
  • Avoid damaging and knocking your sliding loose
  • Avoid blasted away the mortar on brick houses
  • Prevent breaking windows, window screens, window seals, leaks, and more.
  • Prevent paint removal and peeling on simple house cleaning jobs.


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4. Deck/Patio Cleaning and Staining

Don’t forget your deck, front porch, and patio in preparation for your Spring and Summer outdoor gatherings.
At CNY Roof Cleaning, we know that the surrounding deck and patios are an extension of your home into the backyard. Bring your deck and patio back to life this Spring with a pressure washing to remove ground-in dirt and grime for the decks, railings, asphalt, concrete slabs, wood, vinyl fences, metal patio furniture, and stone. We can tackle most patio, deck, or fence types.
Protect your beautiful natural wood deck and patio surfaces with our oil-based clear staining. Nourish, rejuvenate and protect your unpainted wood surfaces from water and sun damage for another year.
Deck, patio, and fence spring cleaning and painting is your last home exterior job before moving into your yard work, mulching and landscaping. Ensure your home exterior is thoroughly washed and maintained to avoid trampling and washing out your newly landscaped garden beds.
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5. Yard Clean Up

Now that all the debris has come off the house it’s time to clean the yard up and prepare for landscaping. Clear up all the tree, leaf and debris. 

A Homeowners’ next step is the yard clean up, including mowing and lawn upkeep. Following our top-down approach, you can ensure that your whole house exterior looks pristine without recleaning areas already deep cleaned. Get the most effective results for your home this Spring.  

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6.Mulching and Landscaping

Avoid washing out your mulch and disrupting your newly seeded garden bed by cleaning your house exteriors first.
One of the biggest Spring Cleaning mistakes homeowners make is doing their landscaping and garden bed mulching before checking the gutters. Clean your roof and gutters first to avoid any water overflow and water and muck residual washing away your mulch and garden beds.  
Whether you mulch and reseed your garden beds yourself or hire landscapers and gardeners, you will only get the most very best whole exterior house clean by firstly cleaning the roof, gutters, home, and deck/patio.
Make your first choice this spring cleaning season to CNY Roof Cleaning for all your house cleaning needs.