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Reasons Your Roof Leaks In The Winter

​Severe weather conditions in the winter can wreak havoc on your property. Trees can die and fall, siding can loosen and break, and your roof can take a beating. According to research, 29.4% of insurance claims were due to freezing and water damage during the colder months.
Let’s explore the various reasons your roof leaks in the winter and what you can do to prevent it.
1. Ice Dams 

Ice dams are large, gathered ice that hangs over the edge of a roof. If there is a slope to your roof, water from the melted snow will run off the sides and freeze, causing the dam to build up. As ice piles up until there are no natural flow of water, preventing the use of the gutters and causing water from the melted snow to form a dam.
As water from melting snow accumulates in this ice dam, it can enter beneath the roof’s shingles and into the attic, walls, and insulation. 
2. Roof Damage 

Another reason your roof leaks in the winter is if you have prior damage to the roof. For example, loose shingles can cause more costly damage during the winter because of high wind and snow. This is because the shingles can get knocked off, or water can seep underneath it, causing further damage. These repairs are more costly than getting them inspected and repaired before winter.
3. Poor Flashing 

Flashing involves placing a thin, flat material below the shingles to prevent water from entering the home and directing water to a different location. If the flashing has been done poorly, it can lead to your roof leaking and other serious damages during the winter from melting snow and ice.
4. Exhaust Vent Condensation

The purpose of your exhaust fan in a room, mostly a bathroom, is to remove the moisture from the room. They also aim to eliminate odor and reduce chemical fumes when cleaning. During the winter, the condensation can freeze, and frost can accumulate in the exhaust fan. In addition, some exhaust fans expel the moist air into the attic, which can damage your roof in the winter because the condensation can freeze.
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​One of the best ways you can prevent roof leaks during the winter is to have it inspected by a professional. Our professional roofing contractors will:

  • Inspect for damages or weak areas: The roof needs to be inspected before and after winter. During the inspection, the professional will determine if there are worn or damaged shingles, broken seals, and poor flashing.
  • Clean gutters and remove ice dams: When the gutters are clear and ice dams removed, melting ice and water can travel off the roof freely.
  • Attic and exhaust vent inspection: Experts will inspect the attic and ensure no weaknesses in your roof and ceiling. In addition, they will ensure the vents are unclogged and clear.

If you suspect there is damage to your roof, call us today for an inspection. Prevention is the best way to avoid roof leaks in the winter! Hire trained professionals to inspect and repair any damages to the roof and save yourself costly future damages.

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