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Roof Snow Removal

If your house suffers from recurring ice dams and you need a short term solution you need to get the snow off of your roof. Roof snow removal can be a dangerous job and if it’s not done correctly ice dams can come back even worse and in ways that could potentially do even more damage. Moreover, an inexperienced roof shoveler can also cause a lot of damage to the roof system itself.  Instead of putting yourself or your roof at risk let CNY Roof Cleaners do it.
Ice Dam Removal

Ice dam creation in the Central New York area is a combination between heat loss from your roof, snow accumulation and freezing temperatures. The ice at the end of your roof forms a dam, and the heat loss from the roof melts the snow and forms a pool of water above the dam. As this process continues the dam gets larger. Your roof can be properly installed and still leak if there’s a large ice dam. The pool of water behind the dam will cause the leak. 

It is important to look up at the ceiling for water spots which will let you know if your roof is leaking. Also if this occurs contact your insurance company to let them know about a roof leak claim. In some instances the insurance company will pay a ice removal company to remove the ice to prevent any further damage. If a water leak is not taken care right away you might be in for some expensive problems. A very expensive problem that happens after a roof leak is the creation of mold in your attic or crawl space or the ceiling and or walls. This can be expensive and costly to remove. Preventative maintenance is key. Clear the snow and ice off your roof as soon as it comes.

​Dangers of Ice Dams And How To Prevent

At CNY Roof Cleaners, we work to remove and prevent ice dams across Central New York. The dangers and damage that ice dams pose to your home and safety make it essential to prioritize ice dam prevention. However, we understand that busy schedules and work can make this task hard. We want people to understand the potential hazards of ice dams and the simple measures you can take to deal with existing ice dams and prevent ice dams

How do ice dams form?
An ice dam begins to form when a warm attic heats the underside of snow on the upper roof, causing water to flow down and pool in the eave overhang. The roof’s eaves remain cold as they extend beyond the house’s side, so excess moisture build-up freezes. The ice and snow build-up feeds the ice dam, but water pools behind the dam stay liquid. The warmth of the attic and insulating snow layers continues to melt the snow and ice underside, creating visible ice mounds. The icicles form as water trickles down the eave of the roof.
Ice dams affect all types of roofs; tiled roofs, slated roofs, and even metal roofs. Typically, tiled or slated roofs with flatter pitches enable snow and ice to accumulate better and ice dams to grip. However, sloped roofs can also form ice dams, especially where roof valleys meet roof decks. Blocked gutters that build up with snow and ice can also provide the foundations for an ice dam.
Mostly, ice dams form when the underside of the roof deck inside the attic space is above the freezing point – average outside temperatures are below 32 degrees. In contrast, the upper roof surface temperature is above. Heavy snow and its insulating properties start or worsen ice dam formations due to snow’s insulating properties. The snow layer on the roof further traps the warm air inside your roof and attic spaces, creating a cycle of melting and freezing. 

Removing and Preventing Existing Ice Dams
Once an ice dam has formed, there are several things you can do to remove, deter and prevent the ice dams from further developing. Below are the most common ways of eliminating and preventing Ice dams:

  • Use a roof rake: From the safety of the ground, pull the snow off your roof using a roof rake – any tall, long handles rake. Removing the snow at least the lower 4 feet of roof edge can help prevent ice dams from forming. Avoid applying too much pressure so you don’t dislodge or scrape the shingles.
  • Use ice-melt or calcium chloride products: Apply ice melt products to the ice. Avoid salt products as large quantities are needed to ensure any sort of effectiveness. 
  • Create channels by Chip off the ice: some Central New Yorkers use different tools to chip away the ice to open up a channel to allow the pooling meltwater to flow from the roof. We don’t recommend this method as working at heights, even small step ladders, in their conditions is dangerous.
  • Hire an ice dam removal professional: companies, roofing contractors, and handymen specializing in ice dam removal are great options for moderate to severe ice dam issues. Make sure to hire insured professionals.  These services may cost a few hundred dollars but will prevent significant damage to your home.  CNY Roof Cleaners are fully insured professionals with ice dam removal services.

There are other methods for preventing or removing ice dams, such as using attic fans and using salt or ice-melt in hosiery to create channels. Still, in our experience, these are infective measures and sometimes exasperate the problem.

Long-term Solutions to Prevent Ice dams
The underlying problem of roof dams revolves around roof leaks and poor insulation. Houses with good attic insulation and colder attic spaces are less likely to experience ice dams. To prevent ice dams, you must have optimal attic ventilation and attic insulation using a few other preventative strategies.
These long-term preventative strategies are best carried out in the spring and autumn months.
At CNY roof cleaners, we recommend to:  
1. Seal any heat sources that would increase the roof attic temperatures immediately below the roof sheathing.
2. Insulate the ceiling and living spaces below the attic to prevent heat transfer through the ceiling.
3. Ensure ventilation under the roof deck, between the insulation and the roof sheathing, so heat is carried away.
4. Remove any debris or blockage’s in your gutters to prevent water clogs and pooling.
5. Install a water-resistant sheath under any new roofing.
Snow and Ice Dam Professional Services
At CNY Roof cleaners, we offer affordable professional services across Syracuse to remove and prevent ice dams, including snow removal, ice dam removal, and attic insulation and ventilation. We also provide attic mold remediation if your attic has been exposed to moisture from improper ventilation or a resulting ice dam. 

If you need a short-term solution to snow or require ice dam removal or prevention, we are fully insured, catering to residents across Central New York. At CNY Roof Cleaners, we use only the best ice dam removal methods and equipment and prioritize our workers’ safety.

At CNY Roof cleaners, we also provide attic insulation services to prevent ice dam formation during winter. We are a veteran-owned service that offers quality inspections, including identifying any roof leaks, wood damage, rot,  growth, bird,  or pest activity. We professionally assess attic airflow, ventilation, moisture levels, and heat loss points in your roof and spaces. We firmly believe that the solution to ice dams is ensuring your living spaces and the attic is adequately ventilated.
If you are interested in one of our services, please get in contact with us today.


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