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Hire Companies with Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Insurance

​Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance offers coverage for the safety of the customer’s property, employees, and all relevant accidents. These policies complete a business. Without them, a company cannot safeguard itself from claims when a third party is injured on its property, nor can it fulfill state laws. Moreover, it is essential to hire a company with workers’ compensation. Let us know more!

What is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance is the insurance that protects a business from the expenses of some inevitable liabilities. As opposed to the popular conception, it does not include employee injuries. What it does cover is non-employee / third-party damages. Here are three elements of this insurance program:

●       When a body gets injured on your business real estate.
●       When your company damages someone else’s property accidentally.
●       When an infringement of advertising concepts, trademarks, slander, etc., occurs.

The Importance of General Liability Insurance

When any of the above-mentioned incidents occur on your part, general liability insurance takes charge of the situation. This program is responsible for paying court fees, attorney’s fees, settlements, etc., following the policy limit. Generable liability insurance is an essential part of any business since it covers the type of accidents that any business is likely to encounter.  

What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is also called Workers’ Comp or Workman’s Comp. This insurance program is for the employees of the business. When an employee of your business contacts an injury, illness, or suffering, it will cover. It applies to all companies, even to those with only one employee.
Subtle details of this insurance might differ from industry to industry. Generally, this policy covers:
●       Medical expenses of the injured / sick employees.
●       Replacement wages when the injured employees cannot show up for work.
●       Liability expenses if your business gets sued for a work injury.
●       In case of fatal occupational injuries, it also covers funeral and dependent support payments.
Small businesses with no employees can also benefit from this insurance because it can cover a working business owner.

Why Should You Hire A Company with General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance is a must for construction and home service companies especially. Because such businesses involve working with customers on their property and making their employees work on customers’ property. Because without this policy, a company is not even safe to work on your property.
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Why Hiring a Company with Workers’ Compensation is a Must?

If you are hiring a deck cleaning service with no workers’ comp, you are indeed hiring a business that is not safe for its employees. How can it be suitable for your home? Worker’s Comp is a protection insurance policy for employees since it covers their medical charges in case of any injury/illness. Therefore, hiring a Company with Workers’ Compensation is a Must for House Cleaning Services.


​Liability and Worker’s Compensation both are mandatory for a business. CNY Roof Cleaning offers the service to call for all in-house cleaning services such as patio, deck, pavers, roof, and gutter system cleaning. This company follows all laws and is a safe point for its customers and employees.