Patio, Deck & Fence Exterior Cleaning

Bring your deck and patio back to life this Spring with a pressure washing to remove ground-in dirt and grime for the decks, railings, asphalt, concrete slabs, wood, vinyl fences, metal patio furniture, and stone. We can tackle most patio, deck, or fence types.
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Decks and patios are prominent feature to a home and must be taken with the absolute most care and attention to detail. Our process has been refined over the years with amazing results to Deck and Fence Cleaning.
We are experienced with cleaning many surfaces such as composite, wood, vinyl and aluminum.
To break down the process, we use a mix solution that is safe, restoring color and killing any organic growth that has taken over. Then we apply a low pressure rinse to remove any growth on the wood. After that we recommend staining to preserve the wood.
If there are any other questions and concerns feel free to contact us.