Cedar Shake Cleaning and Preservation

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Cedar shakes are the highest prized type of roofing and must be taken with the absolute most care and attention to detail.  Our process has been refined over the years with amazing results to cedar shake siding and roofing.

To break down the process, we use a mix solution that is safe on cedar while brightening it and killing the moss and algae that has taken over. Then we apply a low pressure rinse to remove any growth on the cedar, after that we use tools to remove any remaining moss that might remain in between or on the bottom of the shakes.
We have the correct foot wear and safety gear that is required to walk on a cedar roof, because it is very slippery and dangerous. This process is safe for the lake and any landscaping around the house.
The preservation process takes place after the cedar has been cleaned a week or two later and a colorless stain is sprayed on the shakes for preventive maintenance to prevent any moss or algae from returning.  Well maintained and preserved cedar shake can last up to 50 years. Failure to maintain cedar shake or allowing long-term organic growth such as moss could damage the shakes and cause permanent deterioration. 

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