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Benefits of Professional House Washing

Professional Exterior Cleaning

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Looking for a quick way to spruce up your house, make it more inviting, and add to your curb appeal? There’s no need for expensive remodeling projects that can take days of your time. All you need to do is schedule a professional house washing.

Getting a pressure wash is an easy, low-cost solution to making dramatic improvements to your home in less than a day. Here are the benefits of giving your home an exterior cleaning and why you should consider making them a regular part of your home maintenance routine.

1. Help protect your home
Pressuring washing your home should be seen as a way to protect a valuable investment. Day after day, your home is exposed to the weather. The heat, humidity, and any other harsh elements the weather has to offer are beating down your home’s exterior, contributing to mold, discoloration, and algae growth.

Left unchecked, this growth will continue to grow, spreading further across your home and staining its surface. Mold can also eat through paint. Luckily, you can save yourself all the trouble by regularly pressure washing your home.

2. Prepare your home for a new look
Another great reason to have your home professionally pressure washed is if you plan on making some changes to your home’s exterior. It’s the first step in adding a new coat of paint or new finish to a patio.

Pressure washing removes all the dirt, grime, and mold caked onto your home’s exterior and vinyl siding. This allows for a new coat of paint or new finish to fully take onto surfaces. Skipping this step could cause you to completely redo your paint job, revealing blotchy coloring and fading areas.

3. Protect your loved ones
More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies every year and the cleanliness of your home is a crucial factor. Mold spores released from the sides of your home can easily trigger respiratory allergies.

Mold growth is a leading cause of allergies that extend through the winter. Keep your home and your family safe from potentially harmful spores by routinely pressure washing your house and when you begin to notice growth and discoloration.

4. Pressure washing is not always DIY friendly
Pressure washing is not a DIY task. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you could damage your home’s vinyl or aluminum siding. A pressure washer is a powerful tool that requires careful calibration to suit a given surface and relies on carefully selected products tested to be safe for your home.

Take the stress out of buying or renting equipment and avoid more expensive repairs from over washing. Luckily, professional house washers are inexpensive and come equipped with all the necessary tools for the job.

5. Boost your curb appeal
House washing is a great way to boost your curb appeal with little effort and time. In under a day, exterior cleaning can dramatically change your home’s appearance and reveal rich colors you haven’t seen in years.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just add value to your investment, house washing is a great way to increase your home’s value and make it more attractive to your neighbors. It also sets the stage for other ideas you have to remodel your home, giving you a “blank canvas” and clean reference point for how things will look with your home’s true color.

6. You don’t have to do it often
Home maintenance is a daily task, but house washing is not. Not only can it be done quickly, but it doesn’t have to be done too often. Depending on recent weather and many other variables, most homes only need to be washed 1-2 times a year.

That means you can have it done and forget about it. You can have the peace of mind of protecting your home’s exterior, the added benefit of boosting curb appeal, and having it done is easy.

7. Have a home you can show off
As a homeowner, you should have a home that you could be proud of. Cleaning your home’s exterior can save you embarrassment from your guests, neighbors, and potential buyers if you’re selling your home. So if you think your home has lost some of its shine that it once had, it’s time to clean your house.

If you’ve never had your home cleaned before, the difference in its appearance before and after a wash will be dramatic. You’ll ask yourself why you never had your home washed before.

8. Professionals come with their own tools
One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional home washer is that you don’t need to buy expensive tools. For something you only have to do 1-2 times a year, it can be a waste of your money and time to buy tools and do it yourself.

Professional house washers come equipped with their own tools and expertise on how to use them. This means you have the advantage of the best tools, with the best techniques, for the best results.

9. Exterior cleaning helps prevent pest issues
There are countless areas on a home’s vinyl siding that make the perfect shelter for cobwebs, spiders, and numerous other insects. When vinyl siding hasn’t been washed for a long time, and insects have a chance to establish themselves, it can lead to well-rooted infestations in the interior of your home.

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