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3 Reasons To Trim Your Trees

Here at CNY Roof Cleaners, we often hear homeowners say that tree trimming is one of those things that gets forgotten in the long list of household chores, right along with roof repair. And in the Central New York area, local residents have many weather obstacles to overcome, such as snow, flooding, and high wind speeds which can make it hard to keep up with roof maintenance. All of these seasonal occurrences can be a hindrance to your property, your time, and your resources. 

Trees that hang over your rooftop can often be more expensive to maintain than trees on the outskirts of your property. Here are three reasons to trim the trees that hang over any structural buildings on your property:

​1. Tree branches that rub against roofs can create abrasions and other damage.
Trees should be at least 7-10 feet away from the top surface of the roof. Any rubbing by tree branches can wear shingles and other roofing materials away – leading to roof leaks and requiring repairs or costly replacement.Tree branches that are too close to windows and gutters can also cause structural damage to your home.

2. Safety concerns. Trees that are victim to storms or harsh weather can become weak over time. Bark and branches can become brittle and more susceptible to splintering, thus, becoming a safety hazard to anything in its path. Routine roof inspections will also find any safety concerns your roof may have, such as holes, split siding, attic mold, and loose nails.
3. ​Property value can go down. Keeping the roof free of debris can also impact the lower levels of your home. Homes & Garden warns to “…be careful with species that have invasive, sprawling root systems – these include American elm, willows, and hybrid poplars. You still can have these trees in your front yard, but make sure they’re planted far enough away from the property to ensure they don’t affect the foundation or plumbing. Never plant these trees next to a swimming pool.” Pipes, house foundations, window frames, and gutters will need to be protected from errant branches. Tree trimming, house washing, roof maintenance, and gutter cleaning are all important factors in keeping your property value high.
CNY Roof Cleaners offers tree trimming for any branches that overhang your roof. Our quotes are free, and our technicians are here to help keep your home clean and safe.

Are you interested in having CNY Roof Cleaners help prevent roof damage and trim your trees? Give us a call at 315-314-1732 or fill out a contact form at